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The CPA: Your Litigation Support Professional

There are a wide variety of types of court cases that can require the additional support of a CPA. Oftentimes in civil and business litigation, courts and powerful legal teams will require a CPA to weigh in based on their expertise in finances and accounting. Follow along with this blog to learn about the types of cases they typically work on and how having a CPA on your legal team can help you get the case results you seek.

Forensic Accounting

While forensic accounting may sound like a job reserved for detectives or the secret service, it is broad term used when a certified accountant applies the theories and principles of accounting in a legal setting. A CPA hired for litigation support purposes will review bank statements, receipts, time sheets, and any other necessary financial documents involving the case.

Business and Civil Litigation

Too often complex accounting, appraising, and tax issues find their way into business litigation. A certified public accountant with litigation support experience most often work either for or against a business to prove or disprove alleged disputes. For example, forensic accounting can either make or break cases involving bankruptcy, fraud, data analysis, damage evaluations and more.

In addition to business litigation, civil litigation cases will often require the additional support and expertise of a CPA as well. Most often their role in court will be as a consultant, but there are times when they are asked to stand as an expert witness too. Civil cases that could benefit from a CPA’s support can include those involving marital settlements, taxes, valuations and more.


When litigation is simply unavoidable, ensure that you have a solid legal team working in your favor. A CPA working to support your case will able to provide a judge and jury with indisputable evidence and facts that less qualified individuals wouldn’t have been able to uncover. For a CPA who’s highly experienced in providing top notch litigation support and forensic accounting services, contact us today!

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is a combination of accounting, auditing and investigative skills used to examine financial settings of an individual or business. These accounting experts are enlisted during a fraud or embezzlement among other legal proceedings, where they provide accounting analyses to help the court better understand the financial crimes that took place. Insurance companies, police forces, banks, and government agencies typically employ them. The financial information that they compile can be used in court, and may be asked to testify in court as well as provide visual aids to support the trial evidence that they discovered.

There’s a variety of forms in which an accountant provides these services. Read along as we discuss a few of them.

Litigation Support

Running a business or company is not an easy task, and when dealing with financial crimes or legal disputes, simply relying on your in-house staff to resolve an issue is not enough. This is where litigation support comes to play. Litigation support is used in litigation cases where the quantification of damages needs to be determined, through legal research and valuation of property. These services are provided to help both parties involved come to a resolution before they reach the courtroom. If a dispute reaches the courtroom, the forensic accountant may then be asked to testify as an expert witness.

Civil and Criminal Investigation

Forensic accounting in criminal investigations is used to determine if financial criminal matters such as employee theft, fraud, and insurance fraud have been committed. A forensic accountant can be used during a civil matters as well. A civil investigation will help identify: hidden assets in a divorce case, breach of contracts, or business valuation disputes. 

Finding the Right Forensic Accountant

The right forensic accountant delivers a vast array of accounting services during legal matters. Their evidence can be used during court, and will often be asked to testify as an expert witness. They are reliable, thorough, and highly experienced in accounting, and have a good understanding of the courtroom.

Mariela Ruiz, CPA, PLLC is here to provide efficient and trustworthy forensic accounting services to the community of Mission, TX. From litigation support to criminal and civil investigation, you can depend on our team to help your company determine the facts in your current financial situation. To learn more about our accounting firm and services, visit our website.